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Is Your Company’s Digital Nervous System Functioning at 100%?

The human brain relies on a network of sensory inputs from the entire body to orient itself within space and time, take in the world and make sense of it all. It processes reams of data that change by the second, as well as a lifetime of memories to make split second decisions crucial to its well-being. I heard a lot about this growing up because my beloved grandfather, Dr. Harry Dickson Patton, was a professor of physiology and biophysics at the University of Washington in Seattle. He named his boat “The Neuron.”


AI Can't Cure COVID-19

With the coronavirus now spreading fast across countries, many people are looking for information on how to approach it. This involves finding out what works and what does not. With such a need for information, disinformation is also spreading across borders more than ever before. One of the most recent disinformation is that artificial intelligence can cure COVID-19. Such kind of information circulating online is not only misleading but is dangerous as well. With the increase in the number of social media users and platforms, such mis/disinformation can reach millions of people within a short time.


Made Dizzy By COVID-19 Data? Artificial Intelligence Helps Clear Things Up

As governors begin to make decisions about reopening the economy, Americans are left to wonder whether they should follow their state government’s lead – or make their own decisions about when to return to normal. One problem for the average person: How to decipher the multitudes of data about COVID-19 and evaluate whether the country or any particular state is – or is not – flattening the curve.


How can we create AI ethically?

The growth of AI over the past few years has been extraordinary and inspires confidence that we will someday achieve AGI. The recent breakthrough of Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo, for example, signaled a major step for the field toward ‘general’ artificial intelligence, or AGI. The game of Go requires a higher level of intuition and cognition than, say, chess because it includes too many permutations for the computer to simply calculate all possible scenarios.


AI is Weighing In on the Fight against COVID-19

In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic, various arsenals are being assembled to help in the fight against the stubborn virus. A digital response to this pandemic can take different forms and yield various results, one being the rapid delivery of test results and a fast assessment of infection risks. One of the promising technologies proving helpful in this fight is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology is now weighing in the fight with initial results showing that it can be the silver bullet both in search of medication and assessing the damage that the virus has caused as it spreads through the human body.


AI Is Finding Hidden Asteroids

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to find hidden asteroids. According to NASA, AI can be crucial in searching planets and detecting alien life. The advancement in AI comes at a time when humanity is facing various challenges associated with climate change and imminent threats from asteroids hitting the earth. Asteroid strikes have, for eternity, been one of the biggest threats to human civilization, and therefore studying their behavior is crucial in detecting their activity and responding in time. With the help of advanced AI, researchers will be able to identify dangerous objects that cannot be seen by humans. Other advanced AI technologies such as machine learning are used in interpreting data that is gathered by devices such as telescopes.


It’s AI To The Rescue Against The Dangers Of Deepfakes

A picture is worth a thousand words… Unless it’s photoshopped. Starting about the year 2000, ‘Photoshop’ stopped being just the name of software and started being used as a verb, meaning to digitally alter a photograph. Sometimes the result is obvious, and sometimes it is so subtle that debates go on for weeks or longer as to the authenticity of a photo.


Will Brexit destroy UK tech ambition?

The 2010s were certainly eventful, to say the least. With four general elections and the momentous EU Referendum (not to mention numerous extensions to the Brexit deadline), it hardly comes as a surprise that this period brought great uncertainty for business leaders and consumers alike.


AI is Making Farming More Productive

Agriculture and farming are among the oldest yet one of the most important professions in the world. How we farm has come a long way and has advanced over time with the increase in population. The changes in farming have also been occasioned by the advancement in technology. As population continues to rise, land has become more valuable. People must, as a result, find new creative ways of improving how they get their food by embracing modern methods that require less land to produce high yields. Currently, agriculture is the backbone of many countries and is also a source of income for a lot of people and a significant contributor to GDP.


Smart Cities Are Still Not Prepared For the Impact of AI

AI has shaped many technologies and economies and is slowly being integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. Artificial intelligence AI refers to the ability of machines to mimic human behaviors like speaking, learning and doing tasks that were before thought could only be done by humans. This technology is now taking over many industries, and cities are among areas that will be highly affected by this technology in the future. While we expect AI to improve many aspects of our everyday lives, it will also disrupt many things including how we live and how our cities operate.


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